Happy birthday

Today is the awesome and amazing and beautiful Shelli’s birthday.

Go say happy birthday.   She plans on living to 115 so she needs all the celebrating she can get

Happy birthday Shelli,   you totally rock


Why, why not?

I just bought a new laptop.      A black mac.   Why…well I needed a new one.   And I wanted a new one.

but more importantly it comes with an i-pod touch…for free.

Why do I need an i-pod touch.   Cause it’s free…duh.

and it comes with internet.   and i can check email which can be dangerous.

it’s only 8gigs and my regular i-pod is a 60 gig but it was FREE

I can’t wait for my new laptop to come.  It has a webcam and is gonna be my new toy.

I have a new phone system

I have voicemail.   I get to check it online or over the phone.

it picks up before my answering machine.  I have to remember to change it to my machine when I am away for this weekend.

Yeah     I am going away Saturday night  Robin is coming friday night and she J and I are doing our Hershey weekend massages for the Robin’s b-day.

I am not going to be home Wed or Thursday so I am packing what I can remember now.   I have one outfit that needs washing and then I am done.

And that’s my weekend.   Aint I fun.

***edit*****  I am watching Batman Begins….Yeah – I don’t like Christian Bale.   AT ALL.

He sounds like Charlie Sheen when he does an American accents.. but yeah – he is hot, I will admit that.

Here’s some things

That’s the Wegman’s they are building down the street from me.  This makes me very happy.

I went to see Mamma Mia.   It was great.  I was expecting it to suck, but it was funny and I really liked it.  OK –  most of the cast can’t sing, but that was ok.   It was REALLY REALLY GOOD

I am going to Hershey in few days for massages and to hang out with Robin and J for Robin’s 29th birthday (she is so young)

I am getting comcast phone service tomorrow

And that’s it.