And now my order is complete

I am calling her my touch toy.   I haven’t given up my real one. – the 60 gig that I can’t fill – but that isn’t gonna stop me from playing with this one.

and in different news

today is Poppy’s birthday-    I don’t know if she is saying anything but a lot of people commented so go on over and say Happy Birthday.


3 thoughts on “And now my order is complete

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  2. Thank you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t specifically mention my birthday on the day. It’s just tradition. I did mention last week at some point in the form of “I don’t know where I’ll be on my birthday” but then I never mentioned it again. 🙂

    Your touch toy is gooooooorgeous.

  3. I haven’t touched my iPod since I got my iPhone last November. I swore it wouldn’t happen but it did. I feel so bad for my iPod as it sits in a drawer, alone and neglected….

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