I have a new phone system

I have voicemail.   I get to check it online or over the phone.

it picks up before my answering machine.  I have to remember to change it to my machine when I am away for this weekend.

Yeah     I am going away Saturday night  Robin is coming friday night and she J and I are doing our Hershey weekend massages for the Robin’s b-day.

I am not going to be home Wed or Thursday so I am packing what I can remember now.   I have one outfit that needs washing and then I am done.

And that’s my weekend.   Aint I fun.

***edit*****  I am watching Batman Begins….Yeah – I don’t like Christian Bale.   AT ALL.

He sounds like Charlie Sheen when he does an American accents.. but yeah – he is hot, I will admit that.


3 thoughts on “I have a new phone system

  1. Christian Bale can try out his utility belt on me anytime. I prefer his Batman to the others. And Heath Ledger scared me. Really.

  2. I didn’t realize Bale was from the UK. I don’t recall what he sounds like but I always wonder which American folks from the UK think they sound like when they do us.

    The best American accent I’ve heard was from our British waiter when the boys and I took a Disney cruise. He did a southern hick pretty well.

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