NO really – I do like them.

I am taking the princess to a concert today at Camden Gardens.   It’s a 3 day fesitival but the kids concert she wants to see is today.

We went last year and she discovered Bubboons Tunes

I have since listened to Funny Chicken daily FOR A YEAR

click on the song…go ahead I’ll wait)

Did you do it…great.    Now listen to this

It’s actually not a bad album.   Goodly Goodly today is a good song. (on the bottom dial up song list)  No really it is a good song.

She’s gonna have fun and it makes it worth sitting through (although I honestly do like Bubboon’s tunes, really)  just to see her smile and get some laughs.

ok  the woman’s voice is a tad annoying, but it’s a kids group so they are a little over the top to make kids laugh

and now


One thought on “NO really – I do like them.

  1. Go to the library and check out “Rhinoceros Tap” and “The Philadelphia Chickens” Both are great kids books that come with CDs. It was written by someone from Philly and I can’t remember the guys name. The songs are so funny that Babygirl and I still listen to them for laughs. Another is “Silly Joe Sings” (both are all ages friendly!)

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