It made a 3 1/2 year old happy

Just not immediately.

The princess and I went to the xpn concert at the Camden Childrens Garden.    Buboon’s Tunes were on at 12.  We walked around.  We went on a carousel.    (Yeah, I discovered, can’t do the going round and round and round any more without getting so dizzy I almost vomited…and had to do it 3x)

We ate lunch we played and we walked and we had fun.

When we were playing….we saw the woman (Bubbles) from Buboon’s Tunes.    I pointed her out to the Princess.  She wasn’t in costume, but that’s ok, because the Princess still gets a little scared of the costume thing.    We talked and told her that the Princess’ favorite song is Funny Chicken.   She asked the Princess her name.   She told her and we said goodbye…see ya at 12.     (It was about 11:15 or so)     We walked around some more and then went to the stage.    We saw both of them….no costumes….which again was ok.

We went to pee and then went back to the stage.   It’s 11:55.   We are sitting in the shade.

They come out and the Princess is happy.   She was dancing (sort of, more like swaying)  She tried to be a conductor.   She moved to be closer.


Bubbles realized they were running late   See, they have the #1 song on xpn’s Kids corner 4 years in a row  It’s the Cheese Song.  They just rhyme different types of cheese and it’s very cute and clever.

Kids give them Cheese during the song.  (if you have ever listened or been to a BNL concert, imagine the macaroni but with cheese) so they HAVE TO DO THIS SONG

Bubbles says to Buboon –   We have to do Funny Chicken….Princess (obviously, they used her name) requested it.   She got so happy (although, I was the only one she would let see her smile)

So my 3 1/2 year old niece got a song dedicated to her…not just any song, but THE SONG  Her favorite song in the whole world.   The song she listens to all day on repeat since she saw them last year at the Children’s Garden.

Then they sang the Cheese song and she gave them a piece of cheese.  She had a huge smile on her face when she came back to the seat.

Kids songs are annoying after a while (like when it’s on repeat for  AN EFFIN YEAR) but

seeing the happy grin and knowing she was gonna be talking about it later….that makes the 37 y/o aunt happy.     I love that kid.


NO really – I do like them.

I am taking the princess to a concert today at Camden Gardens.   It’s a 3 day fesitival but the kids concert she wants to see is today.

We went last year and she discovered Bubboons Tunes

I have since listened to Funny Chicken daily FOR A YEAR

click on the song…go ahead I’ll wait)

Did you do it…great.    Now listen to this

It’s actually not a bad album.   Goodly Goodly today is a good song. (on the bottom dial up song list)  No really it is a good song.

She’s gonna have fun and it makes it worth sitting through (although I honestly do like Bubboon’s tunes, really)  just to see her smile and get some laughs.

ok  the woman’s voice is a tad annoying, but it’s a kids group so they are a little over the top to make kids laugh

and now