Why responding to comments before your brain works is bad

Ok  so I said I hurt my finger.

Finn the beautiful commented and asked if I could move it.

I emailed her back –  the bathroom door, I could open it further

She emailed me back –   And your finger, smartass?

She was concerned about if I was hurt, but in my stupor of pain (or the fact that I read it at 5:48am) I honestly and truly thought she wanted to know if I could move my door.

I thought it was strange, but see the time I read it.  It was pre-caffeine time

thank you Finn for wanting to make sure I am ok.   Now if I could get my brain to work…

I am hoping this comes off making me sound as wacky as possible because really – it was one of my dumber thought processes in a while


3 thoughts on “Why responding to comments before your brain works is bad

  1. You did have a post on bloglines before about having your own domain…I had one once, it’s really not that hard. Let me know if you need help with it if you decide to do it.

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