I hit a doorknob

Because so many people asked (or ya know 6)

I was walking into my bathroom and turned wrong and slammed my hand into the doorknob.

I don’t think it’s broken, but maybe I bruised a bone or something – whatever – it’s not my dominant hand and I can bend the finger so whatever.

It stopped itching quite quickly – I think it was just itchy for itchy sake

but I kept poking my finger all day.   Ya know how when you get a bruise or a cankersore you have to keep poking them (ok – maybe it’s just me) so that’s what I was doing all day today.

poking my finger (twks) and going ow that hurts

poking my finger – ow that hurts

cellmates nearby (or people who’s desks are close to mine) kept yelling at me

stop it stupid – if it hurts don’t touch it.  But I HAAAAAAAAAD TO   It’s just so swollen and calling to me

Rachel – poke me (twks)

Rachel poke me

so i did – and it hurt.


4 thoughts on “I hit a doorknob

  1. I hate when that happens. I had a permanent bruise on my wrist when I was growing up, because every doorknob in the house was at just the right height that I hit it when passing by.


  2. I have a bug bite or something on my chest I can’t stop picking at. I finally put a band aid on it. You might think I’d pick at the band aid (I thought I might), but I don’t … I leave it alone.

  3. Aww hunny – you need a hug. 🙂
    And I agree with bigbro – tell us about the chinese and KFC…

    And lastly – Hi bigbro – how are the wife and kiddies? It’s been a while…

  4. If it hurts don’t touch it. 😀

    I’ve had this same exact injury, but not so severe. What is it about doorknobs that are so appealing to our bodies?

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