I hit a doorknob

Because so many people asked (or ya know 6)

I was walking into my bathroom and turned wrong and slammed my hand into the doorknob.

I don’t think it’s broken, but maybe I bruised a bone or something – whatever – it’s not my dominant hand and I can bend the finger so whatever.

It stopped itching quite quickly – I think it was just itchy for itchy sake

but I kept poking my finger all day.   Ya know how when you get a bruise or a cankersore you have to keep poking them (ok – maybe it’s just me) so that’s what I was doing all day today.

poking my finger (twks) and going ow that hurts

poking my finger – ow that hurts

cellmates nearby (or people who’s desks are close to mine) kept yelling at me

stop it stupid – if it hurts don’t touch it.  But I HAAAAAAAAAD TO   It’s just so swollen and calling to me

Rachel – poke me (twks)

Rachel poke me

so i did – and it hurt.


some stuff

  • I think I broke a bone in my finger – left hand –  below the 2nd knuckle above the flat of the hand, it’s swollen and red and itchy, I’m not sure why it’s itchy, but it is.
  • I am hungry
  • I get to see the Princess today.   That makes me smile.   I bought her a princess flashlight.   I told her I bought her a present and she wants me to put it in the trunk of my truck so she can climb back there and get it. (I keep the back window open when she is back there, but it’s a truck so it’s not like she can’t climb over the seat to the door)
  • I am shedding a lot of hair.

there was something that actually made me start this, but the walk from the bathroom to my laptop (about 20 steps, which may even be a lot) made me forget.

oh-  I am gonna have chinese for lunch.  that wasn’t it- just thought I’d tell you.