Stage 1 done

I have passed the I NEED CHOCOLATE AND SALT stage of the month of PMS.

I am now on the NEVERENDING HEADACHE AND MY EFFIN LEGS HURT stage –  oh and the I’m gonna watch a crappy movie and bawl my eyes out even though if I watched it non pms’y I would be annoyed that I lost 2 hours of my life watching it –    This months winner – NANNY MCPHEE

it’s odd –  the last time that happened — What a Girl Wants-   Maybe it’s not pms’y – maybe it’s Colin Firth.


7 thoughts on “Stage 1 done

  1. So, did you cry? Did it make you feel better? I haven’t been depressed lately, but lots of shit in my life is making me teary.

  2. Yesterday I overate.
    Today I am CRANKED out and feeling very unstable about my entire life.
    Tomorrow? I don’t even wanna know.

    But, no headache! First time in many months. So, I guess you have my headache…

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