Can someone explain

why I have 4048 blogs to read on bloglines…when I just emptied it out 2 hours ago.

I know not everyone wrote over 200 posts in 2 hours.


a meme

stolen from Karl who stole it from hilly, who stole it from someone els

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago –  1998  – I was working at a law firm , fighting with one of the attorneys’ and miserable.

2. What five things are on your to-do list for today?

Go to the movies with my sister – need to see Wanted because I love Angelina and James McAvoy

water my lawn


help my sister do stuff at her house

go food shopping

3. Snacks I enjoy…

depends on my mood –  salty – crunchy – cold – sweet

4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire…

get my house paid off – painted -hardwood floors – get my patio finished

get a new car  – get a new laptop  (mac) get a cell with internet

get my sister a house –

get my parents basement finished and buy them a condo someplace

buy me a condo someplace

put money away for “my” kids college

give my bro and sil money for what ever they needed (a new place – a new kitchen – whatever)

give 1 million to a bunch of people at work for the 1 million dollar walkout

(ok – how awesome does this sound-   everyone in my dept and a few select others – get 1M$ and all walk out of work –  one person every 15 minutes.  Management would freak out and it would be awesome – they could go back if they want  – maybe if management would finally give it and realize we can’t get the work done that needs to get done w/out more help.   But they would have to stay out for 1 week)

5. Places I have lived…

Baltimore (born there) New York(Long Island)   Arizona (went to ASU)  NJ  -where I live now)

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