My favorite time

is when I first turn the light off, my bedroom door is open all the way blocking the night light in the bathroom (shut up- getting up to pee and not being able to see in the bathroom is bad and who the hell wants to turn on a big light)

there is no light in my backyard.  It’s all woods and no streetlights.    The house is completely dark.  And for a few seconds it’s like a cave….pitch black.

My eyes adjust to the dark.   Now the only light is from my clock and the smoke detector.   A few minutes later, you notice the light in the back from the streetlights in front.  Sort of dim lights, not enough to see clearly, but enough to make the trees just spooky enough looking.

I pull the covers up,  all the way to my neck and over my head, just leaving my face poking out – and close my eyes.

I let sleep take over.

I love the pitch black time of night.   when you can’t see anything and it’s just DARK

I love the time when your eyes are getting adjusted to the dark, you see things and it looks spooky  (what is that on the floor, is it bugs, or someone waiting -no- it’s my pillow with the sham on it)

I love waking up in the middle of the night and doing the roll over, what time is it, how much more sleep do I get before my alarm goes off –   and getting all covered up and cozy again.

I love night time.

But then morning comes.   I don’t mind morning.  I am a morning person (I know that is almost a curse word to some people)   but I am.   I get moving pretty easily.

But my favorite time of the day, is when I turn the lights off at night and climb into bed and sleep.

What’s your favorite time.


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