Maybe this is why I am single

So after I do my blog reading and read the news and TV recaps on TWOP and whatever else I do on line, I play Go Fish on my computer.   It’s a cd rom so I am playing against my computer.

I play against    Mary  Marco and Manny.

Go Fish is not a hard game.   You ask another player if they have a card that you have to make a book (set of 4)  when you get a set of 4 cards you put them down.  Whoever has the most books wins.

I have played 58 games and won 51 of them.     I have 393 books/sets    The other computer people have between  138 -179.   So yeah   I am winning    And while I am bored out of my mind, I get satisfaction in winning so I keep playing.

The problem is that the computer is stupid.    For example.

Me –   Mary  do you have a 5

Mary/computer –  go fish

Mary –   Rachel do you have a 7

me –  go fish

Marco –  Rachel do you have a 7

Now – the order in this game is Me – Mary- Marco and then Manny (in this case Manny dealt so I went first)

I didn’t pick a card between when Marcy or Marco went so why would Marco ask me the same thing when he knows that Marcy has a 7

Manny    Mary  do you have a 5

Mary –  go fish

Me –   Manny do you have a 5     he then give me his 5

Me –   Mary do you have a Jack

Mary – go fish

This goes on until I end up with at least 6 books (out of 13 so I win)

What really annoys me

In one turn –

Mary –   rachel do you have an 8

I give her my 8

Manny do you have an 8

Manny gives  her an 8

(she know has 3 8’s)

Rachel – do you have an 8


then Marco –  Rachel – do you have an 8

Asshole –  Mary just took 8’s from me and manny –   Ask her fuckwad.

And Yeah – I sort of yell it out loud to the computer.


7 thoughts on “Maybe this is why I am single

  1. I yell at my computer too. Well, the monitor actually. Just a moment ago (the moment that left me to believe I needed a blog break) I imagined shooting my monitor full of holes — and then I realized it wasn’t the monitor’s fault … but the PCs fault.

    So I imagined shooting it too. And then I came here.

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