Happy Memorial day

I updated my links in LIbragirl links      I think I got everyone –  I didn’t finish all the links but it will get done –  if you’re not there or a link is wrong – let me know and I will fix it.

I am going to a bbq today.  First I have to return stuff at BJ’s wholesale (it’s like costco or sam’s club) and at fashion bug

and then I have to get fruit for the bbq and finshing cleaning the house up from the weekend guests

I have to clean my garage out which I was gonna do this weekend –  maybe next sunday


6 thoughts on “Happy Memorial day

  1. Any problem returning to BJs? I can’t believe we didn’t think to check if it was filled. NE still says they should have said something. AH the naivette of youth, thinking the store will actually say something.

    By the way, don’t know if you heard about our re-return to Wegman’s. My wife was in Heaven.

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