Maybe sometimes I share to much

Have  you ever been so hungry, you are nauseous.      But because you are nauseous, you don’t want to eat because you feel like you have to vomit.     I know I’m nauseous because I am hungry, but I don’t want to eat because I have the icky feeling in my stomach.  All I want to do is sleep.   Maybe I will take an ativan or ambian early tonite and just crash.

I am going to a bbq tomorrow.   I will make a cake during the day and then bring it to my friends house.

At least I will be out of the house.

The other choice is going to AC to see the rents.   Sister and princess are going but they are sleeping over so we would have to take separate cars. Unless I slept there and then left for work at like 6 to get there on time.  It’s a thought but who knows.


2 thoughts on “Maybe sometimes I share to much

  1. Well, yes I’ve been that hungry but damn, I never got to a point where I just wouldn’t eat. That’s blasphemy!


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