I forgot to hit publish

As most of you are aware, Wednesdays I pick the Princess up from daycare and watch her until sister comes home.

I am putting her in the carseat and she wants my owl (I have a beany baby owl in my car). I get in and give it to her. She drops it, I turn to hand it to her. Ok turn is an exaceration. I just twist my arm and reach it and throw it at her.

She then says –

You shouldn’t turn like that with that arm. it’s the one that had surgery.

Damn kid was right. I shouldn’t have twisted like that because it did hurt like a bitch and it was the arm that had surgery.

She went to bed about 8:45 and I watched American Idol. I haven’t seen it since Amanda Overmyer got kicked off. I turn on Fox and David Cook is singing Bryan Adams. Then the boys are all singing Bryan Adams. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM) then he came out. I jumped up and down like a 15 y/o at his concert.

Then Brooke white was singing with Graham Nash (????) which Graham Nash is to good for and the David Cook sang with ZZ top. It was great. My sister got home about 9:30 and had to sit through this show so I could see who won, and watch George Michael (he was great) and then they announced David C won and I WAS EXCITED

Then I went home.

ok  so what happened was I hit save instead of publish, this was supposed to post at like 7 am

anyway – it’s not 4:40 and I had to leave work early to go to pt early because I was having muscle spams in my arm by where I had surgery.   I was sorta crying like a 3.5 year old whose aunt dropped all her strawberry chips on the driveway (not that I have ever done that to my niece while we were standing in grandma & grandpa’s driveway about 3 weeks ago)

I was in so much pain that I went to a sups office and was hyperventalating –   she called the therapy place (she goes there also) and I went early.   I am now sitting with ice on my arm again.

The weather here is bizarre.   It can’t decide it it wants to rain or not.   First, it’s all gray and gross and about to storm –  then about 4 raindrops come down and it gets super windy, then it’s sunny and I need sunglasses.

make up your mind mother nature.


6 thoughts on “I forgot to hit publish

  1. Did you do rotator cuff stuff or what? I didn’t catch that. I did that 5 years ago and it’s a bitch. I hope it doesn’t give you grief for the weekend!!

  2. I love how kids police adults!
    Now, go ice that!

    I am also glad to hear that you are somewhat better … but wish it were completely.

  3. It’s sweet that the Princess is concerned about your arm.

    I heard on TV, the other day, that Bruce Springsteen is the American Bryan Adams. (Alright, I heard it on How I Met Your Mother … Robin said it.)

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