Good night – with bullets

  • So I went an entire day w/out advil Until 8:15 when I took it for night night time
  • My house is so fucking cold I have on thermal shirt and sweats and socks. I have to go get a 2nd cover out of the cabinet to sleep with
    • A little explanation on the sheets thing – I strip my bed on the days that the cleaners come, I leave clean sheets on my bed and they make it.
    • I am so tired it’s not even funny
    • I get to see the princess tomorrow. That makes me very happy
    • I have another 2 weeks until I can post my resume. I got my job description and will use that description for the hell job I have now. It’s sad, I say I hate my job, but I don’t. When I am able to do it, I like it. But it’s so busy, which is one sense is good, that means I am not bored, but also bad, because – man -people in NJ can’t drive for shit, that everything is a priority. Not everything can be done at the same time. If you want something done, fine, let me do that, then I will do the next thing that needed to be done while I was out having surgery but you were to stupid to have someone cover my emails.
    • I’ve never done a bullet post before. I like it

    Good night, good night, parting is such sweet sorrow.


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    1. Hope you had a restful night! Thanks for the sheet clarification.. was wondering if I needed to send you some Depends there for a minute..

      People generally suck.

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