Good effin morning.

I went to sleep last night w/out taking meds.    No Advil pm – no Fiorcet, nothing.   And I slept though the night I think.   I woke up to pee, and I was up at 4:30 and dozed on and off until 5:15, but I was definitely not fully awake.

I have to go shower and get sheets for my bed.   the sheets are in the closet.

I don’t wanna go to work today.   Anyone wanna go for me.


3 thoughts on “Good effin morning.

  1. Oh, you poor thing. Having to get up early like I do.. yes, I’m beginning to think we DO share a brain! I’m already at work, or I’d think about going for you instead.. cause my job sucks.

    And wtf about the sheets? What did you do? Wake up to pee and forget to GET up?

    And i’m commenting on your comment to me.. omg we NEED to get together soon.. I SWORE I would never get married, and I met Scott when I was 35.. and HE never wanted to get married either.. and here we are. Strange things do happen. But still don’t want kids.

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