The most boring post ever

My first full week back at work.   I survived.   I am not caught up, in any way but I DON’T CARE   I can only get done what I can get done.

This weekend – I plan on cleaning up the house –  getting everything away and finishing the laundry and that stuff, I am going to catch up on all my dvr shows….I have like 3 night stalkers left, Bones, and some bad TV movies to watch.   I want to go test drive a car and I have to go food shopping

It’s 8 am   I just spent 1.67 at Amazon (my parents got me a 50$ gift card for the sorry you had to go back to work)

According to the weather – it’s nice today and raining tomorrow, so I should probably do the food shopping and test driving today and the sitting inside like a hermit tomorrow.

But now –  I am going to watch bones


3 thoughts on “The most boring post ever

  1. Cleaning the house? OMG!
    BONES??? David Boreanaz-YUMMY!

    Be still my heart! The excitement is killing me!

    Test drive ? food shopping?? Will you be in the meat section? Lucky girl!!

    Have a great weekend.

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