Ok – this post is more boring then the last

So I test drove a car today.   A Hyundai Tuscon.   It’s a nice car and drives really well.   It was 18+k   My car is worth 3k (they say)  but I can put 5k down and only have payments of

$357 A MONTH

The guy asked me what I could afford –  I said between 200 & 250   and I think he overshot it.

So no new car now….maybe if I get a new job that pays better.   Or decide I don’t need to eat.

Luckily – I don’t need a new car –  I just want one.

Now – I am going to take some  migraine medicine because I have a (guess what) migraine,  and my shoulder is killing me because it’s going to rain tomorrow or Monday.

Have a good night


4 thoughts on “Ok – this post is more boring then the last

  1. Look around online for prices. Consumer Reports offers a pricing report for a small amount (I think it’s $12 or $13 last I checked) that shows you the absolute bottom line price that the dealers pay for these vehicles. They also tell you how to ensure you get the best price possible from the dealer, armed with the facts.

  2. He’s full of shit. Go to a new Hyundai dealer or come to NY and buy it if you decide to get it.

    But at least you test-drove it and know what it is….

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