Wednesdays part 2

I have a really good inner alarm clock. I usually wake up about 5 minutes or so before my alarm. This is good for 1 main reason…..I don’t get a song stuck in my head.

Today – I woke up with my alarm and ended up with this song

all I can say is Sorry.


8 thoughts on “Wednesdays part 2

  1. I have always wondered why shows like The Heights can’t spend 5 extra minutes teaching the “stars” to at least FAKE play… and look like they know what they are doing! Yes, some were actually playing. But when you hear almost an entire song, and the girl playing the guitar has her left hand in the same position through the WHOLE SONG?!?! Please.

    I also love when bands just suddenly “pick up” a song they’ve never heard before and it sounds like they’ve been playing it forever.

    Suspension of disbelief? Yeah. Can’t do it.

    Great post!

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