Rock. I pick my Princess up every Wednesday after work. Sister works late so I babysit. One of the reasons I moved to Jersey was to help my sister when she had Princess Stinkbutt.

Tomorrow, U Penn is having it’s graduation so that means a main road in Philly is going to be closed, which will add 15 minutes to my commute which means I WON’T FIND ANY PARKING. I hate looking for parking – it’s one of the main things I hate about Philly. It’s the only think I hate about Philly…I can drive in circles for 45 minutes for parking- sorta sucks

But if Princess Stinkbutt is in a silly mood, she will sing and be super silly which makes me laugh. Or she will just whine – I don’t want to talk now. So of course, I keep asking How about now – every three seconds.


Also wanted to mention my Mothers day weekend.

NE had a chess tournament in Pittsburgh. My dad and brother went. He did ok, I don’t know if he got an award but he did get money from Grandpa for winning a game. I think he finished 3 wins 4 loses but considering he’s 9…I think he did great.

LN had a dance recital. Sis – Princess and I didn’t have tx to see the show so we tried to watch the rehearsal on Saturday, but they wouldn’t let us. So after the class we took him to his fencing class. He’s thinks he’s Zorro – His fencing teacher is EFFIN HOT I mean smokin hot like his pic is in Esquire modeling hot.

Then we went to a park and played and then went to parents house.

Sunday – we went back to NY and were able to score tx for his dance recital – 3-7 y/o kids dancing… cute I couldn’t deal.

Then was brunch w/ my mom, my sil and her parents, my sis and 2 of the 3 kids. NE was still in Pittsburgh at his chess tourny.

Man – my family is strange.


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