Back to Hell

I had to go back to hell work today.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I hate my job.

I have been out since 4/7.   You would think that since it’s been over a month they would want me to start to get caught up…you would be wrong.

By 9 am I was at the I quit stage….I had been back an hour.

I made a vow to myself –   I refuse to go to work before 8am.   I left my house at 7 – got gas –  and got driving by 7:15.  got to work and turned my computer on by 7:45 –  I gave myself extra time today because I knew my password expired and it sometimes takes hours to get it working. –

I had 178 emails going back to 4/7.    yeah –  I have no idea if they were done or not and it’s not like there are time constraints on the legal matters or anything.

I want to be out of there ideally by end of summer –   realistically –  end of year.

Plan on working on my resume all weekend.


6 thoughts on “Back to Hell

  1. Think escape. Seriously. You’ll be out of there in no time….and read the Job Vent site for extra motivation….

  2. WOW! A month off? I’m super jealous..

    It only took an hour to want to quit? Can’t believe you made it that long. I usually want to quit by the time I pull into the parking lot at 5:45am.

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