Real life may be starting soon

and that suck giant balls.  The post TC buzz (of OMG I met so many great people, not the alcohol buzz – that was done by Sunday) is slowly coming to an end.   I just hope everyone keeps visiting and commenting and possibly caring about my real life which is BORING

I go back to pt today –  my 2nd visit –  of course the fact that I am up typing this at 3:00 am after 4 hours sleep – may prevent me from doing anything else besides that today.   Although the therapist said that the not being able to sleep is normal, I don’t think he meant that losing 4-6 hours of sleep is good (does that make sense)   I can get a full night sleep if I take something (advil or tylenol pm) but I don’t want to do that

Pt is 12 – 1   then I have to get mothers day cards for my mother, sister and sister in law, as well as from my niece to my sister.   I have to go to Verizon because my phone keeps saying my v/m is full when it isn’t and I want to take a nap maybe later before picking up the princess.

Thursday I have my last doctor’s appt.   Well not really the last one but the last free post surgery follow up.   Right now he is sending me back to work on Monday, which sucks even gianter balls
Maybe if I whine about the lack of sleeping and not being able to lift my arm above my head he won’t send me back to work yet.   On the plus side –   I will be changing desks when I go back to hell work.   I will be getting a “new” desk which is better shelved for me and my lack of being able to reach up.   Also –  when the racist, anti-Semitic rat bastard comes to my dept –  I won’t have to sit next to his stanky ass.

Maybe I will start working on my resume as well.    I want to be out of there by the end of the summer.

Anyone know how to right a resume –  I haven’t done it in 8 years and my old one is on my parents old I-Mac which isn’t plugged in.   Maybe I will see if I can get it off that hard drive this weekend when I am in LI.


14 thoughts on “Real life may be starting soon

  1. LEt me know if you need help with getting it off the iMac. Use Mom’s thumb drive (never thought I’d write that).

    Oh yes, and check your spelling – write, not right, a resume.

  2. ouchie…. I’m a resume wizard! THE WIZARD! ha ha… well, *I* thought it was funny…

    Anyway, I can help you there if you want. (seems you have a lot of offers here!)

    I hope the PT goes well.. and sucks about work, but at least like you said that jackass won’t sit next to you.

  3. I like how you used the phrase “sucks balls” multiple times, it speaks to my inner Cartman. I hope physical therapy goes well!

  4. I have no clue on the resume. Aren’t you glad you met Adam this last weekend? He’ll hook you up.

    I’m sorry that you have to go back to real life. I hate real life sometimes. That’s not really true. I have a pretty awesome job. LOL

  5. I work as a recruiter part time so I second what Finn says. Get it together and then if you want, I can pick it apart and help you put it back together.

  6. Just remember to make sure your resume has lots and lots of keywords in it… many companies use a computer system to sort their resumes and you need to have the right keywords to get an interview.

  7. I will write your resume for you if you want. I paid an obscene amount of money for a career coach and I have all her notes and shit – trust me, you will get interviews.

    Free LibraGirl!!

  8. Resume’s Ugh… I had to do mine a few months ago for a registration for a personal training. It sucked! I hadn’t done one in 14 years!!!

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