Who’s the Fucktard – I’ll never tell

a few people asked about the fuckhead –

At TC everyone just went up to someone and said – Hi my names

so I did that –

I went up to a girl

Hi – I’m Rachel – Libragirl

hi – ***her name here***

Me – cool – where do you live

Her – New York

Me – cool – I’m from NY also – what part

Her – well NY NY

me – oh – well I am from Long Island – but I live in NJ now

her – well I am from Staten Island – that’s part of NY (with giant attitude and a head shake)

me – Ooooo kay – except Staten Island isn’t NY NY Manhattan is NY Staten Island is a borough – like Queens – Brooklyn – The Bronx

Her – Its NY Ny –

Me Ok nice meeting you

Now it’s doesn’t seem Fucktardy but she had such an attitude. And apparently several people had mentioned she looked miserable and had a pissed off look on her face all night

I have relatives in Staten Island. I think Staten Island is a nice place as long as the windows are closed when you are on 440 but no one in Staten Island would ever say they live in Manhattan – they would say they live in SI.

and no I won’t tell her name to anyone (except Avitable, who I already told and the 3 or so people i was bitching to at the lounge)


9 thoughts on “Who’s the Fucktard – I’ll never tell

  1. Technically, Staten Island is New York, NY. It’s a big misconception that New York, NY is only the island/borough of Manhattan when in fact New York is comprised of all 5 boroughs. The thing about it though… is when people ask where I’m from, I think I usually say Queens, and then go into the above tirade about how the world at large usually misunderstands how the city is set-up.

    As for Staten Island though… well the other 4 boroughs could care less about them… and sadly they know it. I’m pretty sure I know who your talking about too… and if it is who I’m thinking of… just one more reason to kick them out of the city and let Jersey annex them.

  2. Ha ha – I know….and SI is SO not NYC. It’s Staten Island. The douche. 🙂

    I was thinking about it (yeah, it) when I was driving home Monday morning….didn’t they want to become their own state once?

  3. This is when knowing Avitable comes in handy although…I bet I could guess who it was totally.

    I’m Scooby Doo like that AND a pretty intuitive bitch.

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