This is my 310th post – sorry it’s so lame

Sunday my sister tells me she is working Thursday not Wednesday, so I have to remember to change my PT to Wednesday instead of Thursday

(I normally babysit the princess Wednesday so I go to PT on Monday and Thursday)

I go Thursday and we find parking and get in the house at 6:15 and my sister gets home at 6:30 So I was looking for parking for 40 minutes and got to spend 10 minutes sitting before I went home.

But I got to see the season finale of LOST and loved loved loved it.

Friday I went to sisters also and picked up the kid. Not from daycare but around 7 or so. I don’t even want to discuss Friday parking by my sister….Lets just say – THERE WAS NONE

I brought Princess home with me – no mom – and she slept over. My sister had to work today so it was my Saturday to watch her. She is so damn cute. We went to sleep around 10 or so. Yeah late for me and for a 3.5 y/o but maybe she sleeps later in the morning.

I woke up at 6 – she woke up at 7. And asked if she could listen to music on the radio, except NPR was on and she wanted to listen to that. It’s soothing to her – I personally think it’s boring as hell but whatever.

We got up and played and then I took a shower and she wanted to take a bath (note to self – don’t bath a 3.5 year old in your clothes, you will have to change) then we went to Target and Pathmark (I love Target, but she LOVES it even more)

Then we came home and played and watched it rain REALLY REALLY HARD then was “rest” time (or sacking out on the couch watching Backyardigans) then we went to Friendlys for lunch. When we got back – we went to an open house by me. I love open houses – It’s a great way to see how people decorate (or just see the layout if the house is empty) The princess loves open houses – she pretends to sleep where her bed would be.

And this is why I want to be a kid – I was talking to the real estate agent when she yells (in an empty house) I HAVE TO POOP needless to say – we left but how great would it be to just yell it at the top of your lungs whenever you wanted. –

need to get out of a conversation – I have to poop –

it’s just awesome.

I took her home a little bit ago and I cleaned up one room and now I am supposed to be putting laundry away but I don’t want to.

I have to though so I am gonna go now. – bye.


Maybe this is why I am single

So after I do my blog reading and read the news and TV recaps on TWOP and whatever else I do on line, I play Go Fish on my computer.   It’s a cd rom so I am playing against my computer.

I play against    Mary  Marco and Manny.

Go Fish is not a hard game.   You ask another player if they have a card that you have to make a book (set of 4)  when you get a set of 4 cards you put them down.  Whoever has the most books wins.

I have played 58 games and won 51 of them.     I have 393 books/sets    The other computer people have between  138 -179.   So yeah   I am winning    And while I am bored out of my mind, I get satisfaction in winning so I keep playing.

The problem is that the computer is stupid.    For example.

Me –   Mary  do you have a 5

Mary/computer –  go fish

Mary –   Rachel do you have a 7

me –  go fish

Marco –  Rachel do you have a 7

Now – the order in this game is Me – Mary- Marco and then Manny (in this case Manny dealt so I went first)

I didn’t pick a card between when Marcy or Marco went so why would Marco ask me the same thing when he knows that Marcy has a 7

Manny    Mary  do you have a 5

Mary –  go fish

Me –   Manny do you have a 5     he then give me his 5

Me –   Mary do you have a Jack

Mary – go fish

This goes on until I end up with at least 6 books (out of 13 so I win)

What really annoys me

In one turn –

Mary –   rachel do you have an 8

I give her my 8

Manny do you have an 8

Manny gives  her an 8

(she know has 3 8’s)

Rachel – do you have an 8


then Marco –  Rachel – do you have an 8

Asshole –  Mary just took 8’s from me and manny –   Ask her fuckwad.

And Yeah – I sort of yell it out loud to the computer.

Happy Memorial day

I updated my links in LIbragirl links      I think I got everyone –  I didn’t finish all the links but it will get done –  if you’re not there or a link is wrong – let me know and I will fix it.

I am going to a bbq today.  First I have to return stuff at BJ’s wholesale (it’s like costco or sam’s club) and at fashion bug

and then I have to get fruit for the bbq and finshing cleaning the house up from the weekend guests

I have to clean my garage out which I was gonna do this weekend –  maybe next sunday

Maybe sometimes I share to much

Have  you ever been so hungry, you are nauseous.      But because you are nauseous, you don’t want to eat because you feel like you have to vomit.     I know I’m nauseous because I am hungry, but I don’t want to eat because I have the icky feeling in my stomach.  All I want to do is sleep.   Maybe I will take an ativan or ambian early tonite and just crash.

I am going to a bbq tomorrow.   I will make a cake during the day and then bring it to my friends house.

At least I will be out of the house.

The other choice is going to AC to see the rents.   Sister and princess are going but they are sleeping over so we would have to take separate cars. Unless I slept there and then left for work at like 6 to get there on time.  It’s a thought but who knows.

I am a useful part of society.

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Follow me and I won’t kill you.   That’s good for the rebuilding of Rachel World.  Do what I say and I will be happy

I forgot to hit publish

As most of you are aware, Wednesdays I pick the Princess up from daycare and watch her until sister comes home.

I am putting her in the carseat and she wants my owl (I have a beany baby owl in my car). I get in and give it to her. She drops it, I turn to hand it to her. Ok turn is an exaceration. I just twist my arm and reach it and throw it at her.

She then says –

You shouldn’t turn like that with that arm. it’s the one that had surgery.

Damn kid was right. I shouldn’t have twisted like that because it did hurt like a bitch and it was the arm that had surgery.

She went to bed about 8:45 and I watched American Idol. I haven’t seen it since Amanda Overmyer got kicked off. I turn on Fox and David Cook is singing Bryan Adams. Then the boys are all singing Bryan Adams. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM) then he came out. I jumped up and down like a 15 y/o at his concert.

Then Brooke white was singing with Graham Nash (????) which Graham Nash is to good for and the David Cook sang with ZZ top. It was great. My sister got home about 9:30 and had to sit through this show so I could see who won, and watch George Michael (he was great) and then they announced David C won and I WAS EXCITED

Then I went home.

ok  so what happened was I hit save instead of publish, this was supposed to post at like 7 am

anyway – it’s not 4:40 and I had to leave work early to go to pt early because I was having muscle spams in my arm by where I had surgery.   I was sorta crying like a 3.5 year old whose aunt dropped all her strawberry chips on the driveway (not that I have ever done that to my niece while we were standing in grandma & grandpa’s driveway about 3 weeks ago)

I was in so much pain that I went to a sups office and was hyperventalating –   she called the therapy place (she goes there also) and I went early.   I am now sitting with ice on my arm again.

The weather here is bizarre.   It can’t decide it it wants to rain or not.   First, it’s all gray and gross and about to storm –  then about 4 raindrops come down and it gets super windy, then it’s sunny and I need sunglasses.

make up your mind mother nature.