One more week out.

So I went to the ortho today for my follow up.    I am cleared for pt for my shoulder.   I have my first pt appt Monday.  I go back to the doctor on 5/8 and am cleared to return to work on 5/12.    I will have maybe 2 pt appts done by the so I am not sure I am going to be cleared for work.     I was hoping to return on a Wed or Thursday just because working a full week is hard and can hurt.

I am babysitting the Princess tonite.  My first time babysitting alone since the surgery.   I know it will be ok because she is conscious of my arm

A conversation

Princess –  (pointing at right arm)  Thats the arm that had surgery.

Me – yes

Princess –  pointing at rt arm –  that arm

me – yes

P –  Pointing at left arm –  this arm

me – no the other arm

now do that over and over for 5 minutes.   Then do it again 10 minutes later

Once she is satisfied she is aware which arm had the surgery – she then goes on – I can touch your arm here (rubbing my wrist)  yes  you can

then she rubs my left wrist –  can I touch your arm here – yes because the other arm had surgery

which starts the cycle over and over and over and over.

My nephew (LN) kept kissing my hand to make sure I was ok.

NE tried to avoid touching me completely because he didn’t want to hurt me.   And when I hugged him he told me to be careful.

I like that they understand that  I was hurting but even if my arm was hanging off – it wouldn’t have stopped me from holding them or anything (well except the ick factor)

so I have another full week off from work –  whoo hoo.   I am going to try for another week and a half after that if I can.

it’s so sad how much everyone hates working at HELL.    I can name 15 people looking for jobs and 10 who are waiting to get fired      It’s a shame because Hell use to be a great place to work.   It was never called hell except for the Monday mornings when no one wants to go to work.