So my mom went home today. We have been together for 3 weeks and while some people would go insane spending 24 hours a day (ok, not 24 hours, we didn’t sleep together), I don’t.

My house is uber quiet. I think it was always this quiet, but I didn’t pay attention since I was use to it.

I go back to the doctor on Wednesday….I am able to lift my arm above my head, mostly. I have some problems in the morning, but as long as I don’t over-exert myself, like whacking my car door on my arm (when it closes w/out warning) and playing with a funny 3.5 year old and sleeping on it wrong and then driving from LI to NJ without stopping and then driving from my house to Atlantic City and playing slots for several hours with shopping (and winning $573.00) and then driving back to my house again.

I am hoping that the doctor will give me an extra week before he clears me to go back to work.

Keep your fingers crossed he will.

also – Tequila.com is over the weekend….I am gonna get to meet Shelli and Finn. Shelli is my first blog friend. I got to Finn through her. I CAN’T WAIT.