One more week out.

So I went to the ortho today for my follow up.    I am cleared for pt for my shoulder.   I have my first pt appt Monday.  I go back to the doctor on 5/8 and am cleared to return to work on 5/12.    I will have maybe 2 pt appts done by the so I am not sure I am going to be cleared for work.     I was hoping to return on a Wed or Thursday just because working a full week is hard and can hurt.

I am babysitting the Princess tonite.  My first time babysitting alone since the surgery.   I know it will be ok because she is conscious of my arm

A conversation

Princess –  (pointing at right arm)  Thats the arm that had surgery.

Me – yes

Princess –  pointing at rt arm –  that arm

me – yes

P –  Pointing at left arm –  this arm

me – no the other arm

now do that over and over for 5 minutes.   Then do it again 10 minutes later

Once she is satisfied she is aware which arm had the surgery – she then goes on – I can touch your arm here (rubbing my wrist)  yes  you can

then she rubs my left wrist –  can I touch your arm here – yes because the other arm had surgery

which starts the cycle over and over and over and over.

My nephew (LN) kept kissing my hand to make sure I was ok.

NE tried to avoid touching me completely because he didn’t want to hurt me.   And when I hugged him he told me to be careful.

I like that they understand that  I was hurting but even if my arm was hanging off – it wouldn’t have stopped me from holding them or anything (well except the ick factor)

so I have another full week off from work –  whoo hoo.   I am going to try for another week and a half after that if I can.

it’s so sad how much everyone hates working at HELL.    I can name 15 people looking for jobs and 10 who are waiting to get fired      It’s a shame because Hell use to be a great place to work.   It was never called hell except for the Monday mornings when no one wants to go to work.



So my mom went home today. We have been together for 3 weeks and while some people would go insane spending 24 hours a day (ok, not 24 hours, we didn’t sleep together), I don’t.

My house is uber quiet. I think it was always this quiet, but I didn’t pay attention since I was use to it.

I go back to the doctor on Wednesday….I am able to lift my arm above my head, mostly. I have some problems in the morning, but as long as I don’t over-exert myself, like whacking my car door on my arm (when it closes w/out warning) and playing with a funny 3.5 year old and sleeping on it wrong and then driving from LI to NJ without stopping and then driving from my house to Atlantic City and playing slots for several hours with shopping (and winning $573.00) and then driving back to my house again.

I am hoping that the doctor will give me an extra week before he clears me to go back to work.

Keep your fingers crossed he will.

also – is over the weekend….I am gonna get to meet Shelli and Finn. Shelli is my first blog friend. I got to Finn through her. I CAN’T WAIT.


I drove, for a few minutes but long enough to know I can.   I haven’t driven since the surgery.   that’s 2 weeks which is a long time.

I am still sore but more stiff muscle pain then   oh wow I have 3 holes in my arm sore.   (how long do those take to heal btw)

I go back to NJ tomorrow w/ my mom and the Princess.     My mom will take the train back to NY on Sat or Sun.  Then I am on my own.

I go back to the doctor 4/30 and am aiming for  a back to work of 5/15


gave me a really bad nightmare.     I was bleeding from every pore in my body.   So i didn’t take it last night and woke up IN THE WORST PAIN ever.   (ok , but not ever, but I WAS HURTING)
Today is reveal day.     My mom and i get to see under the bandages.   and I get to shower.

but i still can’t lift my arm…but i can move my elbow and thats good.

My sister is bringing the kid over tonite and my mom and i are babysitting tomorrow.   My dad is coming up tomorrow and we are going to A/C to see Steve Tyrell at the hilton on Sunday.

Wednesday  i go back to the doctor and then am LI bound on Thursday for Passover.   Fun Fun Fun.

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