Today, where I use Ergo 2x

Today is my dad’s birthday.     My dad is awesome.   My dad is the bestest daddy in the whole world (no you’re dad isn’t, ask yourself, who’s the bestest daddy and you will say MY DADDY, see, My – that’s me, ergo, it’s my dad….work on that train of thought at 4:40 am)

He is going to Vegas today w/ my mom.     I hope he wins lots of money so he can buy me things.

Happy Birthday daddy.   I love you lots and lots.

Today is also my 8th anniversary at my job.    I hate my job. I’ve only recently started really and truely hating it –  not just the, Man I hate working ergo I hate my job

and finally –  $31…wtf (that makes sense only to me and it’s a little bit of venting)