In case anyone noticed

I haven’t been around lately.    I am just freaking out about surgery and stuff.   And really really nervous about going back to work after 4 weeks off.   I know no one is going to be working my desk, and I don’t expect it,  we have to much work on our own desk to be able to cover someone else’s, and I get it……but….. it doesn’t make it any better to know what I am going to come back to.    And knowing my job, I will have a week to catch up.  Never mind that when I leave I will be at least a week behind and when I come back – will be at least over a month behind…. so which do I worry about,

the fact that I am having minorly major surgery


the fact that I am never going to get caught up at work.

Rationally, the surgery, but rationally is easier said then done.

I am going to WaWa for a chocolate diet coke.


4 thoughts on “In case anyone noticed

  1. But you will be gone from work, dude. For a month. I say try and have it stretched out for longer. Then you can find something else.

  2. What’s WaWa?

    Everything will be okay. They will have to manage without you. If they can’t f*ck em. Then they will see how valuable you are.

  3. OK, the CHOCOLATE diet coke freaked ME out…

    Good luck Hon, and though I am sure it doesn’t make any difference: relax, you WILL be fine!

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