Shower, dress, brush, eat

Everyone is a creature of habit.    But it’s not always habit just the way you do things.

I can’t brush my teeth until I’ve gotten dressed.  I can’t get dressed until I’ve showered.

There are exceptions to the rules.    No I have to shower everyday and I brush my teeth everyday, but if it’s a day I know I am not going out, I will shower, put on sweats or clean pajama’s and then brush my teeth and begin my day of being a couch potato.     If I am having a day like that, I don’t even put on underwear (what TMI)

The days that piss me off are the days that I plan on going out, when my headache gets a little better, or the movie starts in 2 hours so I don’t have to leave yet or something like that and I’ve gotten dressed, in a full compliment of undergarments, (that includes the bra) and my headache doesn’t go away or I decide I am just to lazy to go to a movie.  By that time, I’ve wasted a full compliment of undergarments and I get annoyed.

But I get over it, go put on pj’s again and sack out the rest of the day going from one couch to another reading and  napping until it’s bedtime.

Do you have habits or things that have to be done in  a certain way?