Center Stage

I love this movie.   It’s so effin awesome in it’s badness.   I watch it whenever I can.

I always catch something new that is so wrong it’s not even funny, ok it’s very funny.

Like in one scene, there are 4 girls standing looking looking at the male dancers and Maureen isn’t one of them, then she is.

In the final dance scene, the flubs are amazing.   Like the girl, Jody, is in a nightgown with no makeup and her hair is down, she starts spinning and then she is in a ballet studio, in a red leotard, with her hair up in this major do with heavy makeup.   it’s just awesome.

I can’t explain how awesomely great this bad movie is.

Just watch it.

AND THEY ARE MAKING A CENTER STAGE 2.    I CAN’T WAIT TO THE CABLE DEBUT  cause ain’t no way I am paying to see it…it’s gonna suck but it will be awesome


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