Self control

I am addicted to emailing and texting.   The email, is not new, the texting is – and now that I have a phone w/ a full keyboard, I am a texting bitch.

But I don’t have email or internet on my phone.   2 reasons

1.  My dad pays my cell phone bill.   Shut up, I  got a cell phone over 10 years ago and it is through my dads business.   I offered to pay for it myself when I moved and he said no, and since I am not stupid, and not really want to have to pay for it myself, I let him do it.

2.  I would not get anything done because I would always be on line and checking my email and poking people on facebook and whatever else. So to keep my job, I said no to internet and email capabilities.


I want this so badly,  I can have my music, check email, internet access and whatever else


it’s 300-400$ I can’t rationalize spending when I have a 60 gig black video I pod that is less then 2 years old.

I am very proud of myself for saying NO.

BUT ….

I may get this in March.   My laptop is 6 years old and while it’s still in great condition, I like shiny new things and SERIOUSLY   IT’S HOT


4 thoughts on “Self control

  1. See, I was so contemplating getting that pc as my 1st foray into macdom with the p/s check (after I clear off the chase card, of course…). Then I see big bro’s response (he is a smart dude) and now I am not so sure.

  2. Those are so awesome! They actually fit in that interoffice envelope. I want one. Except I don’t know how to work a Mac. I only know PC. I am a loser, I know.

  3. As your tech adviser, you don’t want the Air. Yes it is shiny & new but it is seriously underpowered as your primary computer. Remember, Big Brother knows best.

    Now the Touch is damn cool.

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