I did it.

I took a valium at 8:25 am    At 9:00 am I was staring at the tv like a slack jawed yokel.     We left.   I sat in the back with the princess.    I took a second valium at 9:30.  I was very sleepy.    We got there.   The princess wanted to take care of me so she held my hand for about 2 seconds.

I went into the machine.   I feel asleep.   I was out like a light.   I was able to turn my head so I could see out of the machine if I opened my right eye.   My left eye was facing the machine which was about an inch away from my head so I didn’t look there.

45 minutes later, I was done and got a good nap.   Sister princess and I went food shopping.   We came home and princess said she wanted to take a nap at my house.   She didn’t  they ended up leaving around 2.   I fell back asleep for about 2  hours on and off.    (mostly on)  then woke up and went to Macy’s.   They were having some great sales.

Then came home and watched tv.  It’s  10:45 pm.   I am going night night now.

Tomorrow, I am gonna do laundry, straighten up and maybe go to a movie.

I go to the ortho on Tuesday who will read the MRI’s and let me know if I have a tear or not (I don’t think I do, but I really just want an answer.)

Thanks to everyone for wishing me luck today.  And Fab, naked as Brad Pitt, totally helped.


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