and an added bonus…..SPY DADDY SINGS


Center Stage

I love this movie.   It’s so effin awesome in it’s badness.   I watch it whenever I can.

I always catch something new that is so wrong it’s not even funny, ok it’s very funny.

Like in one scene, there are 4 girls standing looking looking at the male dancers and Maureen isn’t one of them, then she is.

In the final dance scene, the flubs are amazing.   Like the girl, Jody, is in a nightgown with no makeup and her hair is down, she starts spinning and then she is in a ballet studio, in a red leotard, with her hair up in this major do with heavy makeup.   it’s just awesome.

I can’t explain how awesomely great this bad movie is.

Just watch it.

AND THEY ARE MAKING A CENTER STAGE 2.    I CAN’T WAIT TO THE CABLE DEBUT  cause ain’t no way I am paying to see it…it’s gonna suck but it will be awesome

Self control

I am addicted to emailing and texting.   The email, is not new, the texting is – and now that I have a phone w/ a full keyboard, I am a texting bitch.

But I don’t have email or internet on my phone.   2 reasons

1.  My dad pays my cell phone bill.   Shut up, I  got a cell phone over 10 years ago and it is through my dads business.   I offered to pay for it myself when I moved and he said no, and since I am not stupid, and not really want to have to pay for it myself, I let him do it.

2.  I would not get anything done because I would always be on line and checking my email and poking people on facebook and whatever else. So to keep my job, I said no to internet and email capabilities.


I want this so badly,  I can have my music, check email, internet access and whatever else


it’s 300-400$ I can’t rationalize spending when I have a 60 gig black video I pod that is less then 2 years old.

I am very proud of myself for saying NO.

BUT ….

I may get this in March.   My laptop is 6 years old and while it’s still in great condition, I like shiny new things and SERIOUSLY   IT’S HOT


Your Movie Buff Quotient: 90%

You are a movie buff of the most obsessive variety. If a movie exists, chances are that you’ve seen it.
You’re an expert on movie facts and trivia. It’s hard to stump you with a question about film.

You Are 76% Misanthropic

Here’s the truth: Most people suck. You are just lucky enough to know it.

You’re not ready to go live alone in a cave – but you’re getting there.

I know what’s wrong

I  went to the ortho today.   I got the diagnosis.   I have to go back in 2 weeks to see a shoulder specialist.    I have been seeing a back/neck specialist (a very cute one I might add)  When I first went, I was having the problem from my neck down my arm into my hand and losing feeling in my right hand, so the neck/back guy…good choice.

Now that the problem is officially the shoulder, and not a nerve from the neck, I need to see the shoulder guy.

My ortho said, the shoulder guy will either confirm his diagnosis and tell me I can do a few things, the most drastic   A PROCEDURE    I asked if that would get me out of work, he said yes, but more importantly, I would feel better.   Yeah, I guess that’s important to.

So Jan 16th, I see what the final diagnosis and outcome is.

Oh the test results –  It’s a shoulder tear.

I did it.

I took a valium at 8:25 am    At 9:00 am I was staring at the tv like a slack jawed yokel.     We left.   I sat in the back with the princess.    I took a second valium at 9:30.  I was very sleepy.    We got there.   The princess wanted to take care of me so she held my hand for about 2 seconds.

I went into the machine.   I feel asleep.   I was out like a light.   I was able to turn my head so I could see out of the machine if I opened my right eye.   My left eye was facing the machine which was about an inch away from my head so I didn’t look there.

45 minutes later, I was done and got a good nap.   Sister princess and I went food shopping.   We came home and princess said she wanted to take a nap at my house.   She didn’t  they ended up leaving around 2.   I fell back asleep for about 2  hours on and off.    (mostly on)  then woke up and went to Macy’s.   They were having some great sales.

Then came home and watched tv.  It’s  10:45 pm.   I am going night night now.

Tomorrow, I am gonna do laundry, straighten up and maybe go to a movie.

I go to the ortho on Tuesday who will read the MRI’s and let me know if I have a tear or not (I don’t think I do, but I really just want an answer.)

Thanks to everyone for wishing me luck today.  And Fab, naked as Brad Pitt, totally helped.