I’m not mean, I’m from New York

There are a few new people starting in my department at work. They had to go to training out of state for 1.5 weeks and had to drive a company car. One of the people T lives around the corner from me and asked if I would drop her off at work so she didn’t have to leave her car sitting in the parking lot. I said of course.

T, C, R & MT were in training and talking and R asked T how she got to the office if she didn’t leave her car. T said Rachel dropped me off.

R was shocked – you get along with Rachel. T was like – yeah – she is great – really funny and sweet and will go out of her way to help you (I do sometimes) C agreed.

R again SHOCKED said Rachel – wears glasses – use to be a redhead- that Rachel – She is really mean and I am sorta scared of her

T C & MT were just staring at her. Couldn’t believe it. They were like – no you just got her on a bad day.

T was telling me this. Apparently I got annoyed at R one day because she highlighted med records with a red magic marker and made them impossible to read – actually she didn’t the person who had the file before her did, but seriously – if you need something and you can’t read it, common sense tells you to get a clean copy from the person who gave the other copy. I have no patience for stupidity or incompetence. At all So because I said something to her I am mean. And she is afraid of me. You have no idea how much I enjoy that idea. That cracks me up and I am so going to play off it.

Both T & C said – she’s not mean, she may seem like that but really – it’s NY attitude and she isn’t like that at all.

Ok – here’s the thing I am mean. No really I am. Ask anyone of my friends. I am mean but I am not a mean person. I say what I think and if you are stupid or do something that isn’t right – I will call you on it. If your work isn’t correct – I am gonna tell you, that way you do it correctly next time and know why it’s wrong. It’s constructive criticism, not being mean.

I can’t wait till I have to help her with stuff.


4 thoughts on “I’m not mean, I’m from New York

  1. IT takes a real competent person to misspell incompetence wrong in a rant about said behavior. And it takes a brother to point such things out. Luv ya! Happy new year.

    PS How do I explain Charro to your nephews? Showed them the Pee Wee Christmas Special.

    What are you talking about? Incompetence isn’t spelled wrong. You must have looked at it wrong.

  2. I f-word love you. Do you know that? I hate when mofos highlight their meds in red – who the hell does that??

  3. LMAO I think you’re awesome the way you are. People get wrong impressions of me first as well. People need to take more time, like Shell said.


  4. We have a girl at work and almost everyone’s first impression of her is that she is a bitch. But she is the most caring, conscientious sweet person you will ever meet. It is sad that people don’t take the time to get to know someone before they dismiss them on a first impression.

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