This is why I am tired

Friday  J & I left work at 12 to go to a wedding in LI.   It took way to long to get there but get there we did and had a good time.

BUT   if you are out of college DRINKING AND FEELING UP ANOTHER WOMEN IS TACKY  It’s not sexy, it’s not hot and the men who come over ARE DRUNK ALSO

(the bride and groom, they gots some classy friends)

The plus,  got to see some friends from the old office.   Mainly the work husband.   And his real life wife who was amazing.

Got back to Jersey on Sat around 1 or so     did nothing –  I was so tired it didn’t even occur to me to bring my bag up as I was walking up the stairs.    I watched some tv, caught up on my dvr and went to bed.   Today –  no plans which is good.

Monday I go to the ortho to have my arm looked at and either have him cut it off or  prescribe more physical therapy.  I am thinking he is going to give me another script.  But I think that I am going to try to get an MRI  not because of the sweet sweet drugs I would have to take but because I am pretty sure I have a tear in my shoulder (the labrum to be exact)   I hope it isn’t because then I need surgery and am out of work for almost 6 weeks –  but wait –  OUT OF WORK FOR 6 WEEKS

(is it bad I would rather be in mass quantities of pain and have surgery then go to my hell job)

Right now, I am sitting in bed and it sounds like it’s raining out.   I admit, I’m not wearing my glasses but I am facing the window and I don’t see rain but no joke  I hear it –  strange.   I have pictures (sort of, J has pics of me, I have pics of her) so when I get them – I will post pictures of me with my new shorter hair in my hot red dress.


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