Tomorrow can’t suck any worse

So it’s Monday-  a bad day in general.

I wake up- I pick up J at the garage, we get breakfast and go to work which just sucks.  I have a REALLY BAD HEADACHE  all day, my nose is runny and my eyes are so itchy I want to take them out and scratch them.

We leave at 4:30 and I take J to get her car.   And then I go home and I pull into my driveway and then I go get the garbage can and look and see my TIRE IS FLAT AS A PANCAKE  So I do what any normal girl does.   I call the physical therapist and tell them I am going to be late, only to find out I didn’ have an appt.  Then I go to the tire place to get my tire fixed.   It’s a 3.5 hour wait –  to fix an effin flat  Then another customer says – you have triple A, call them.  Crap.   I do have AAA and I could have called them from my house but I forgot I had AAA and went to the tire place and then had to wait 1 HOUR for them to come.

Then I get home.  Eat, watch tv a normal night.   It’s now 8:55 and my doorbell rings – WTF  my doorbell never rings – I just figure it’s a neighbor telling my I left my garage door open.   But I look and the door is closed.   And there’s my sister   She couldn’t get through and I wasn’t answering my cell so she packed up the princess and came over to make sure I wasn’t dead.

I search the house and all the phones are on the hook, but no dial tone.  So I call The Phone Company that has annoying commercials – yes I can hear you now…. –  and the recorded messages states there is a phone outage in my area (really) and that they expect it up and running by 11pm  Thursday 11/1.

Today is Monday  10/29…it’s gonna take 3 effin days to fix.   Great –  just keepin my cell charged.

Then I go to charge my gps.   but it’s the wrong charger so now I have 2 to return.     remind me why I woke up this morning.