Weekend wrap up.

So I forgot how nice Fridays off are. They are you know.

My mom came down Thursday for the Princess’ birthday. I went to my sisters after hell work. After looking for a spot for 45 minutes (there was movie or tv filming around the corner from my sisters apt, so parking was impossible. After finally finding a spot, I went it and had dinner and cake and the birthday girl opened presents.

My mom and I went back to my house and watched some tv and then went to sleep. On Friday we woke up around 9 or so (I haven’t done that in way to long) and Sister came over and we went for breakfast and then went food shopping and ordered cake for the Big birthday party and got cake for the school party on Friday and got decorations and balloons and stuff, then went to daycare and had a party with a lot of 3/4 year olds. Princess is so funny. We asked her about kinds in her class. When asked about one boy, she said he cries all the time. Of course she’s 3 so we didn’t believe her. I think the kids Indian name is crybaby cries all the time. Holy crap, if he was my kid, I would have beat him. He cried because he didn’t want to sit next to some little girl, so he punched her, he cried be cause another little girl got cake before him (literally 2 seconds) he cried because they were going out to play. He DIDN’T STOP CRYING FOR 2 HOURS It was sooooo annoying.

After the party, we took sister and princess home and my mom and I came back to my house. Watched tv, got some chinese delivered.

Saturday, was finishing up day. Getting last minute stuff, making the goody bags, making sure everything was done for the party Sunday. Then sister called. Princess was sick and was sleeping on the floor (she does that when she doesn’t feel well, the floor is hardwood and feels cool on her head) My dad got to my house, and then my sister called – she was on the highway. Then she called about 3 minutes later – somebody threw up all over herself (I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the person driving)

So she got to my house, we cleaned up and stripped the stinky princess out of her clothes, washed the clothes and carseat and stuff and my mom gave the princess some water, which she proceeded to spill all over and so there went the dry underwear.

My brother and sister in law came over and they were all playing and running around and stuff. I know I had to go out again, I don’t remember where but when I got home I heard


Crap. what fell & broke and who dropped & broke it.

Well, the what a shelf in my bathroom and what broke was the toilet. Literally. There was glass everywhere and a bottle fell in the toilet and the porciline broke on the toilet and it has a hole in it. right through the bowl. But I found a plumber who can replace the toilet. He is coming Tuesday night and they even supply the toilet. I didn’t know they did that.
I know, you are wondering who….well No one. Honest. My mom was upstairs, no one was in the bathroom and it fell. No one had been in the bathroom for hours. It just fell and broke my toilet. I would say my house is haunted by previous owners, but I’m the first owner. But nervous breakdown was averted by a plumber who answered the phone on a Saturday night.

Sunday was party and Princess said NO MORE GERMS so we partied and it was fun. If you need a good party place in South Jersey, let me know, I’ll email you the info.

In other news…..here I asked for info from the blogworld.    Here I got it   Well,  the other night, there was a lot of traffic on the main road to get to my house.    Then I saw a bunch of police cars.  AT THE CULT  There were like 5 police cars there, with lights and everything.   It was sooooo neat.  I just wish I knew why there were police cars at the cult.   I am guessing someone tried to rescue a loved one and the police were called in.   Or maybe someone went nuts and held the cult members to their promise and made them drink the kool-aid.