Happy Birthday

The princess is 3 today. Happy birthday Bunny. You are one of the best things in my life. I wish I could explain how happy you make me.

I love watching you with your mommy. A few Wednesdays ago, when I was babysitting, Mommy came home early. When you heard the door lock, you got so excited your whole face lit up and you just ran to Mommy to give her a hug. Never mind that you were naked girl. You just told her that when she gave you hugs

I adore your laugh. You laugh from the back of your throat and it is more like a cackle. I will do just about anything to make you laugh. We played hiding and mommy had to find us. Basically, we sat in the middle of the room, you on my lap, with a blanket over out head. When Mommy pretended she couldn’t find us then walked into us, you were doubled over laughing. When I get my new phone, I am going to make you laughing a ringtone.

You are talking really well. Sometimes. We always know when you are tired because you start slurring. Either you are tired, or you broke into the wine again. And everything is Why or What’s that. But I’ve learned, when you say What’s that, I just say Bunny, what is that? then you tell me and laugh. You love going fast. In the car, speeding (or going 20 mph) with you window open, you get so happy. You love driving past the college. You tell me you are going to the red college and are going to read and sing a song when you are done. You bet you are going to the red college – it’s Ivy League and you are going to be a scientist. Besides, your uncle went to that red college (actually it’s a university, but since you have problems saying university still, college is ok)

I am going to get you a banilla cake w/ banilla icing today for your happy cake You’re big party is Sunday, you get to have cake w/ a picture of baby princess and big girl princess on it. You’ve wanted that for almost a year. Hopefully you won’t mind eating your face.

I love you bunny, a lot. Happy 3rd birthday.

I meant to write banilla, I know it’s supposed to be vanilla, but she still calls it banilla and it’s cute.  


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