Tall,   at least 6′

the less amount of hair the better – bald is sexy.

must have a job

must have a car

no smoker

preferably  no kids, but if so – must live w/ the mom  (weekend dad is fine, but must have a good relationship w/ his kids, just not live with them)

non smoker

drinks, on occasion, but not every night.

must be clean, and not mind cleaning up after himself.

can do laundry, or be willing to learn


I don’t think this is a hard list to find.    I don’t.   So why can’t I find the guy I’m looking for (and the first person that says I need to go out gets texted at 4 in the morning)


2 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Do you mind if he smokes? LOL 😉

    I don’t think the list is impossible. I am sure there are even guys who don’t have kids out there!

  2. Because that’s how it is. My friend Joanne and I were discussing this same thing last night – we also noticed that all our married friends were married to fug people.

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