I don’t know if I’ve mentioned

1.   I am some issues w. my right arm.   I have full range of motion (can lift my arm above my head) in the morning, but by 9 or so I can barely lift it at all.    I clean my house and after doing one room, I have to stop since I can’t move my arm at all.

2.  I am really close to my family.

That being said….my parents and sister got me a monthly present.    A cleaning service.   My parents because they love me and while I will clean every day and week, I can’t do heavy duty cleaning.    My sister because of how much I help w/ the princess.

So they are coming today.  I am very excited.   Now I have to finish straightening up for the cleaning.


3 thoughts on “I don’t know if I’ve mentioned

  1. How did it go?

    Oh, and I know you’re issues with the way MRIs are done, etc… have prevented you from getting that arm checked out properly, but I’m getting really scared that you might have torn or at least damaged part of your rotator cuff, and… well… if you don’t get that looked at and fixed, you might not be able to use your arm at all one day… or again, ever… I mean, frozen shoulder syndrome and all… is that scarier?

  2. Why do we clean for the cleaning people? I’m sure they don’t talk about how filthy we are. They probably just talk about all the crap that we have in our medicine cabinet. 😉

    I think it’s more throwing crap in the closet so it’s out of the way so they can dust more then clean up for the cleaners

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