What the hell is wrong with people

no – designers.   I bought a dress.  It’s really cute.  It fits and makes me look thin.   But I have to return because it has a back zipper and I am single.   Why make a back zipper, assume everyone is a single loser and do a side zip – it makes it easier and I don’t have to the the hassle of returns

Also  if something is reversable – that means you can were it both ways – no inside out.  Then there shouldn’t be a big honking tag in the middle of the coat so you can’t were the really cool red side out and the boring black side in


4 thoughts on “What the hell is wrong with people

  1. Why couldn’t you rig up a paperclip and a piece of thread, attach the paperclip to the zipper, put on the dress, pull the zipper up with the thread, and then take put the paperclip and thread in your purse.

    I am not being a smartass. That seems like a good solution, especially if you like the dress that much. No?

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