Random house stuff before 8 am

I just had something replaced connected to my water heater. I don’t know what but the guy had an ID card, so I let him in. He went into my water closet (oooh dirty) under the stairs (oooooh dirtier) and turned my water on and off and did something and now it’s done.

I am waiting for the contractor to come. He is going to be here around 9:30 I hope and I will have new kitchen counters today. GO ME.

The wall people are coming also They are supposed to fix some holes – nailpops – in the wall. But if they ain’t here early, oh effin well. Luckily I don’t have many and the one or two I know of – I fixed. When I paint the walls they won’t be noticable.

I hung some pictures the other day. I took pictures They are nice. I meant to hang the one above the couch on the other wall but I like the way it looks. Maybe with some sconces on each side…or when I get around to hanging what I meant to hang there I will move that.

I sent the pictures from my phone to my email…eventually they will make it and I will post them.


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