A long day – gets better

So what suck about my job – aside from management- is that if you take a day off you have to work 12 hour days for 2 days to make it up.    I took off 2 days so I have to work 6am – 6pm for the rest of the week to catch up.

I got in to work today at 5:40 am and left at 5:55 pm and went to the gym   I was tired and in a pissy mood, but if I went home – I would have sat and ate…so pilates it was.

I got home at 7:45 is – maybe even 8pm ish.   I opened my garage and finished cleaning it up.   I watered my lawn –  I did – the hose worked, which if it worked a few weeks ago – I wouldn’t have had the whole problem….but

I pulled into my garage today.   And tomorrow, when I go to work, I get to pull out of the garage and not have dew on my car that takes forever and ever to clean off and not fog up my windows….that makes me happy.


So my office is a little cold….and a lot of people have fish….this is what happens when you are overworked, tired and cold…it’s between, S me and J.    S started it.

S:    Ok, it is so cold in here I think we need fish cozies.

J:  Aww.  Rachel’s mother knits.

Me: I dare you to call my mom and ask her to make fish cozies.

J:  I bet if I did, she’d do it.

Me:  I bet if you did – she would tell me I can’t be friends with you.

J:  No she wouldn’t.  I’m as crazy as the rest of you.

Me:  No – because no one in my family would want a fish cozy.   A tea cozy maybe but not a fish cozy.  Unless the fish was in the disposal

J:  Ok.  We’ll call them tea cozies then.  And I’m ignoring that last sentence.

Me:  I sorta thought you meant a cozy for the fish – not the bowl.

J:  If it was for the fish, it would be called a sweater.

Me:  A little fish sweater.   It couldn’t be made of wool – it would get icky in water

J:  And cotton gets all stretchy and smelly when it’s wet

Me:  So probably a fish sweater – not a good idea

J: Maybe an insulated rubber wet suit

Me: I am not putting a wet suit on a fish
You said rubber

S:  I think M’s idea of a warming lamp is probably more practical.

(now, there is a really funny picture of a fish that S drew- but I can’t get it on here –  trust me-  it’s bizarre)

There was another email that S & I were doing – and S & J were doing that was just as bizarre…..we make our own fun so we don’t go postal at our job…except since we don’t work for the post office – it’s not postal as much as –  well, for those of you who know where I work…..you know what it is.