Weekend wrap up and stuff

So I went to get a massage on Saturday.

My sister and the princess slept over Thursday night.   I had taken Friday and Monday off.   I took the princess to my parents Friday.    So we crashed around 9:30 or so (guess who was the or so)  I planned on leaving around 5 to miss traffic.    I woke up at 3:30 AM and was out of the house by 4:30.    The princess was in the car.  She slept, then she woke up, then she slept.   She was awake when I crossed the Verrazano bridge and there were 2 boats/ships   A mommy boat and a baby boat.  Then I told her about boats so big you can land planes on them.    That’s amazing said the 2 1/2 year old.   Then she fell asleep until we got to the exit for my parents house.   It was about 6:30 am or so.   I fell back asleep and by 10 we went to Home Depot and Sears.   We were gonna go to the food store, but someone was tired and needed a nap.   I took one, guess who didn’t.  So we went food shopping and went home.   She said   I tired and fell asleep for a few hours.   Kids are funny.

Saturday woke up and went to her room.  She was sitting in the corner of her bed and said  I peed.  So I changed her and then she went to her grandparents and proudly said – i peed on the bed.

R came over and we went to the LIRR and for massages.    A 90 minute hot stone massage.  It was heaven.   We got food after and got home around 10pm.

Sunday – poured – left my parents around 1 – pulled over because it was raining so hard I couldn ‘t see.   5 hours later I got to my house.    And collapsed.

I am off work today.   They are coming to paint the garage (done, should be able to put it back together in an hour) and the electrician is supposed to come to put the remote in my ceiling fan.

Now, if someone wants to come help me hang some pictures – all would be swell.

Did I tell you I was getting a new kitchen counter   It’s formica now.  Nice and still in good condtion, but I wanted Corrian so I am getting new counter and sink.  It’s really nice.  The color of the counter is Clamshell, which is a bisque based color (since my appliances are bisque) and a white sink –  I am so excited.   hopefully- w/in the next 2 weeks.