To do list

  • I have to go to work.   That sucks more then you realize
  • I have to go the post office.  I went Saturday but have to go again because I am forgetful
  • I have to go to the gym
  • that means I have to pack my gym back
  • which means I should sign off and go do that since I have to go get dressed and take the trash out by 7(when I leave for work)
  • I am excited about getting a Hot Stone Massage on the 28th.
  • I wish the relaxed feeling from massages lasted longer
  • ok -I’m signing off so I can get dressed and get my gym bag ready



6 thoughts on “To do list

  1. Good for you! BTW, I got the birthday gift. I didn’t open it. 🙂 Thank you so much, though. No matter what it is, I am touched because you didn’t have to do that.

  2. So… ehm… it being July 17 by now… Did you manage to get it all done?

    Um – no – I packed my gym bag, then forgot it. So I went out to dinner instead

  3. Man, work, the post office AND the gym? I sure hope your gym has a jacuzzi you can fall into after all that!

    In fact, just skip everything else and go straight to the hot tub. Mmm, hot tub.

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