I’m on Facebook

So the guy came this morning to check to see if there was water damage to the drywall in my garage    He doesn’t think so, but they will fix the paint and check to make sure there is no drywall.   I will be able to put everything back together in a few days.  It’s officially dry in there.

That makes me happy.
Also, the princess is sleeping in a big girl bed.  She looks very tiny in it and  it means she is getting to be a big girl which  makes me sad but happy also

She told her mom that she has apple juice at her house in NJ.   She means my house but she thinks it’s hers   Maybe I should make her give me money for the mortgage.

NE is staying with the grandparents this week.   LN is there next week.

Also –  feel free to buy me presents..the link is on the side


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