Homeowner woes part 2

A while ago I had posted about my lawn and stuff and watering my lawn.

So the guy from the company that built my house came this morning.  He turned the knobs this way and that and then turned the water nozzle this way and that and nuttin happened.   not a drop of water came out.   So we wound up the hose and he said he would put the ticket in for a plumber to come look at the pipes.   or whatever.

So he leaves and I leave to go to work.   As I am pulling off my street a little voice said – maybe I should check to make sure the main water valve is off.   Nah – why bother the water doesn’t work anyway.

Can you guess what happened next……

I get back to work from lunch.   I am working.   I am working hard.   I was actually into working and getting caught up.   Then I went to pee.   I came back and my cell is beeping and I have a voicemail on my cell and my work phone.   It’s the builders company.   Call it’s an emergency.   Shit – what. – Well – maybe she wanted to catch me to make the plumbers appointment before the holiday.

Or maybe she was calling to tell me that one of my neighbors called and there is WATER POURING OUT OF MY GARAGE.

I am picturing an old cartoon and everything is under water and the fish and people swim past and are all indoors.

yeah – so I left work, came home.  Parked across the street and grabbed my house keys and garage door opener.   I turn the main water valve off and then open the garage door and water is pouring out.

Luckily, I took the vaccuum and carpet cleaner and some other stuff out of my garage earlier so the main stuff that got ruined is just boxes of holiday stuff – and some board games.   I have a carpet in my garage, that should dry but most likely – I will end up getting rid of it.  I will have hella garbage on Monday.

So, I know what I’m doing for the 4th of July-  anyone want to come help.


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