Dork part 2

I love cheesy movies.    Okay, let’s rephrase   I LOVE CHEESY MOVIES.

80’s movies – yep Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, 16 Candles, Say Anything,  Die Hard (the original) love them and can quote them.

Those are movies that I own.  And watch.

Then there are movies that are awesome but not worth owning but will watch over and over and over.   From any point.   And will quote.

Legally Blonde.  I love this movie.  I will watch it from any part any time it’s on.  J and I, our favorite line   “Define affair”  But it must be said with an accent that sounds like Antonio Banderas with a cold

Sweet Home Alabama – yeah another Reese Witherspoon movie, but I can watch this movie over and over.  I don’t know why.   My favorite line   “You have a baby, in a bar”.

Never Been Kissed.   I can’t explain this.   Really – this is a bad movie. But Drew Barrymore is so cute and Michael Vartan (I almost typed MMMichael Vartan, which is also correct, beacause –  MMMMM mmmmm good)

Centerstage.   Not enough can be said about this craptastic movie.   Peter Gallagher is just awesome.   The dancing is amazing…really but come on-   motorcycles on stage and a major dance number to a Michael Jackson song , The Way You Make Me Feel and it even has some Chili Peppers in there – ok the movie is craptastic, but the soundtrack – it’s ok.

There are tons of others….guilty pleasures yes-  embarassing – oh yeah but fun – lots of fun.

When I think of others – I will embarrass myself and admit to them

What are your embarrassing movies that you will watch from the beginning, middle or end, over and over?


5 thoughts on “Dork part 2

  1. I love all these movies, except Never Been Kissed (because I haven’t seen it yet). HOWEVER, am willing to acknowledge that Michael Vartan + anything = GOOD.

    You should see my online wishlist – it is the height of dorkiness.

  2. I love almost all of those that you named. Some of them I don’t know. My fave movie that I can watch beginning to end, middle to end, whatever and that I own, but will still watch on TV whenever it is on–Princess Bride. I can quote from it, too.

  3. Sleepless in Seattle, Hope Floats (Sandra Bullock & Harry Connick Jr. – YUM), that other Sandra movie with Peter Gallagher While You Were Sleeping.

  4. You can quote the movies.? You are the kinda person that I always end up next to that is reciting the dialogue with it? Gah! ok… sure…

  5. What about The Skating Movie that Can Never Be Named?

    I own it, so it don’t count, TOE PICK

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